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A new book was published for Mr. Nedal Dudin, BSc(Eng), PMP titled "Introduction in Military Engineering Projects Management"

You can find a preview of the book at the following link:
 Members Publications.pdf 

About the author:

Nedal Dudin, an electrical Engineer graduated from the University of Balqa in 1996, holds a PMP certificate in 2007 and is currently Head of Training and Support of the EPMO at Grater Amman Municipality GAM, while he worked as project manager for the period from 2006 up to 2010 at King Abdullah II for Design and Development Bureau.

Nedal has authored and published his first book in early 2010, entitled "Introduction to military engineering project management". Author aims to publish this book to provide an opportunity for the largest slice of his fellow Arab engineers to identify the methodology of work in defense projects in accordance with the Global Standards of PMBOK emanating from the Project Management Institute PMI