Edraak & PMIJO Online Public Course on Project Management as Life Skill

Edraak & PMIJO have launched an Online Public Course on Project Management as Life Skill known as MOOC on Edraak.org platform.

The course targeted the public Arab speaking language and had participation from many Arab countries with an excellenct participation level reached over 28000 students.

The course was built completely by the PMIJO chapter volunteers and based on the PMIef guidelines for project management eduation for life which is a simplified version of the project managemet standards and knowledge of the PMI.

PMIJO Board member and Course Manager Feras Diab assured that such public events promotes the project management concepts and culture among the local communities in a very effective way specially that it is written and presented in Arabic language and done in a simplified structure to reach all the levels of people regardless of the education and background. Also since the conccept of the course is to implement the project management for life activities, it has a great influence on people new to project management to use these concepts and guidelines in the normal activities of life and not only for the professional in their work and career related aspect.

For any further information related to this subject please contact us on info@pmijo.org


- Edraak, is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform, that is an initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation (QRF), which is the larget Arabic online eduation platform with more than 500000 registered users.